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NKOS 2018: short recap of a successful and interesting workshop.

Yesterday, on 13th September, the NKOS 2018 workshop took place in Porto, Portugal. A full day of presentations and talks, all about various Knowledge Organisation Systems (KOS) applications and experiences. Certainly, a good venue to present the first intermediate results of our project! We recieved quite a few comments and ideas, that we will try to include into the project over the coming weeks. Overall, we are very happy that our project and the idea behind was so well received.

On a more general level, it is interesting to see what challenges the NKOS community is facing. Across different domains, the main question is always: how can we make more from our data? How to connect different information systems, classify new material, present it to the users? After all, just having data is not enough. To be truly valuable to many people, it has to be made available, with easy access to the information hidden in the documents (any media, really) and preferably presented in a way that appeals to users. For this, a lot of work has to be done, and I am looking forward to hopefully contributing a little bit to this complex task that we are facing.

The workshop proceedings are now available through CEUR, so feel free to have a look at all the papers available there!