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ONB Labs’ Bring your project initiative (Philip Röggla), funded by CLARIAH-AT, supported our work on bibliographic metadata in two ways:

  1. by setting up a customized extraction workflow from the integrated library system ALMA into a spreadsheet

  2. by running an alignment of our corpus of 17th century travelogues with the VD17 (Verzeichnis der im deutschen Sprachraum erschienenen Drucke des 17. Jahrhunderts) and a search query on the library catalogue in order to find further additions to our corpus.

As a result we now have our data sets in a handy format reusable for our corpus analysis, which is also easier for non-librarians to read and work with than the “sticky” MARC-XML. By comparing our corpus to the VD17 we get a better understanding of the representativeness of our corpus.

You can find a concise documentation in a blog-post on ONB Labs: Enriching Metadata for Travelogues. Results of the VD17-alignment will be published in an upcoming post.